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Comincs Coming Up Episode 54: Self Sabotage and Self Doubt

This week’s talk from Grandma’s Basement revolves around self sabotage and self doubt in the world of comedy. P.J. Brown (@PJBChairo) postpones his dinner to make his CCU debut and Matt is joined by Benny Bosh (@PoopEMcPoops) and Ted Pettingell (@TedPettingell). I would write a more full description for this episode but nobody is going to listen to it anyway and whats the fucking point!? (example of self sabotage in the description). Ted and Matt talk about not moving on at the Boston Comedy Festival, and P.J. talks about his day and more! As always please leave a review on itunes and go to a show at Grandma’s Basement (including the new Oct/Nov Open Mic on Wednesdays at 7pm)


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