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Comics Coming Up Episode 29: Canasta Cancellation at Grandmas

Live from Grandma’s Basement. Jason Cordova (@Hard_Cordova), Kailey Godoy (@KaileyGodoy_vey), Steve Halligan (@Steve_Halligan) Robbie Goodwin (@RobbieGoodwin) and Steve Macone form the panel to talk about the usual array of random topics. Some of which include the impending advent of creepy european stalker technology, explaining Canasta and
other board games to Matt, being attacked by offended crowd members, a bizzare story of post show revenge on a heckler, and preparing differently for festival sets. Also follow host @MattKona on twitter and see him at various places in New England next week, at Fody’s Tavern in Nashua, NH on 3/8, Grandma’s Basement 3/9, and for two shows
at The Arena Bar and Grill in Cranston, RI. Also leave a review and get free stuff, just send an email to mattkonastandup@gmail.com and let us know!


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